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Flickr Fallout – 5 Days Later

By on 5. Februar 2011

So far it’s still looking good. Yesterday I could reconnect Flickr to my Yahoo! account and everything seems to be there. Until now, I only noticed one minor glitch: I can’t reorganize existing picture sets. Loading them in the Organize tab will only display an error message without loading the content of the set. As […]

Flicker Account SNAFU Round Up – Day 2

By on 2. Februar 2011

I’d like to thank everyone that spread the story of my little Flickr incident. My account has been restored through some magical recovery process, Flickr „doesn’t have“… Everything looks from from the outside, but I still can’t login. One of the messages fro mthe staff told me they will send me instructions, once everything has […]

You have to be fucking kidding, Yahoo!

By on 1. Februar 2011

Today I was a bit surprised when trying to log into my Flickr account. It didn’t remember I was logged in, but asked me for my password, knowing who I am. Then I was asked to „create“ a Flickr account. Strange, because I already had an account … for the last 5 years with about […]

Bindermichi Story

Die Bindermichi Story – Episode 4

By on 16. Juni 2009

In der letzten Episode von “Die Bindermichi Story” lernten wir die dunklen Geheimnisse und finstersten Gelüste unseres Helden kennen: Online Shopping