How to get your lazy ass into ComicCon San Diego in 4 easy steps

First question you should ask yourself: Do I really want to spent a week of my summer vacation on an event that will be massivly crowded?

First question you should ask yourself: Do I really want to spent a week of my summer vacation on an event that will be massivly crowded?

SDCC is perfectly placed right at the time everyone is going on vacation, so flights, cars adn hotels are guaranteed to be in shoirt supply anyway. If you decide to go anyway, there’s a handy guide at

1. What to expect, when expecting to go to ComicCon

Plan your visit in advance. Like in a year in advance.

The first round of visitor ticket sales usually starts off in October, November and will be limited to people who have been attending in the previous Con. The second round, for everyone else, will be in early spring. There are only around 130’000+ tickets available for the events, so this will be your first big challenge.

2. Game Plan

The most important thing in the live of ComicCon is the ComicCon Member ID.

You can get one by signing up at Everyone attending the Con will need his/her own ID! Tickets will be issued to a Member ID, so it’s obvious you won’t get a ticket without an ID. Also you should sign up for the newsletter and the SDCC Twitter account, and Facebook page… just in case you could miss some crucial announcements.

3. It’s always good to know a guy/girl who knows a guy/girl

Ticket sales are channeld through a cueueing lobby system.

Everyone will sign in to the lobby when ticket sales start. The system will shuffle the logged in users and process the shuffled cue. This will limit the impact on the shopping system and give everyone in cue the opportunity to buy tickets for up to 5 named Member IDs within a 15 minute window, once it’s their turn.

This is intended for families, but nobody said you cannot pool your purchasing rounds. Find a group of people, that will log in on purchase day and enhance your chance of getting a Ticket. First one in should by most of the tickets (all of them if possible), as it is not guarnateed everyone in the group will get a chance.

4. Convention Days

Not all days are created equal, and so is their demand. The Tickets usually sell out in the follwoing order:

  1. Preview Night (Only with an All-Week Pass)
  2. All-Week Pass
  3. Thursday
  4. Friday
  5. Saturday
  6. Sunday

For some reason, nobody want’s to buy a Sunday ticket unless, there is nothing else left.

Thursday is the most crowded day on the floor, since everyone tries to get to get their hand on as many “Exclusive” items as possible. The rare ones usually sell out very fast on Thursday. If you are not into collecting exclusive stuff and just want to roam around the floor… pick any other day.

The Preview Night is the holy grail of tickets. These will be gone within minutes and grant their owner an exclusive look at a closed panel and screening as well as the opportunity to enter the convention center for a few hours on wednesday evening. (see collecting exclusive items)

If you where amongst the lucky one, you only have to wait, get a flight, a hotel room (there’s a booking website on the page), and count the days until June/July.

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