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The Shorty Awards 2011 – A short tweet of thanks to you

By on 5. Februar 2011

The shorty awards are held in New York rewarding some more or less famous Twitter active people for more or less useful accomplishments. Every twitter user can nominate and vote for their favourites in various categories.

This year I want to call out for votes to @thomashawk and @ADRjeffries who did a great job at creating a huge media buzz around my „accidently“ deleted Flickr account earlier this week. I’m still stunned at how big this story has gotten within a few hours.

How can you halp? That’s the easy part. All you need is a Twitter account and to open this URL: to visit the Shorty Awards website. There you’ll find a text box and an example text.

Just fill in the following into the to smaller boxes on top

thomashawk – Category: Art

ADRjeffries – Category: Journalist

and a description why you are voting for them at the end of the text (votes without descriptions don’t count). Click on tweet vote to vote and you’re done.

At this moment we would need 410 votes for Thomas Hawk and 920 votes for Adrianne Jeffries to make them win their category, so spread the word and vote for them!

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