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Flicker Account SNAFU Round Up – Day 2

By on 2. Februar 2011

I’d like to thank everyone that spread the story of my little Flickr incident.

My account has been restored through some magical recovery process, Flickr „doesn’t have“… Everything looks from from the outside, but I still can’t login. One of the messages fro mthe staff told me they will send me instructions, once everything has been restored to prevent data mixups, so I guess I will have that by some time tomorrow.

Hi Mirco,

Just a quick update. Your account has been restored including photos, comments, groups, etc. External links pointing to these photos were restored yesterday. There are a couple last things we need to do in your account. When that’s all done we will send you an email with info on how to log back in.

As noted before, we’ve added 25 years of Pro to your account and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

Here’s a short list of everyone that supported my story with a special thanks to Thomas Hawk and Adrianne Jeffries for pushing this through the internet channels

Thomas Hawk’s Digital Connection – Did Flickr “Accidentally” Delete Mirco Wilhelm’s Account?

The New York Observer – Flickr Accidentally Deletes a User’s 4,000 Photos and Can’t Get Them Back

The New York Observer – 20 of Mirco Wilhelm’s Photos that Flickr Accidentally Deleted

The New York Observer – Flickr Restores Mirco Wilhelm’s 3,400 Lost Photos and Is Really, Really Sorry About That

The Huffington Post – Flickr Accidentally Deletes Mirco Wilhelm’s Huge Photo Collection–Permanently

TechCrunch – Flickr Accidentally Wipes Out Account: Five Years And 4,000 Photos Down The Drain

Chris Pirillo – Flickr Accidentally Deleted 4000 Photos

Los Angeles Times – Flickr fumble? 4,000 pictures deleted, possibly never to return, user says

Valleywag – Flickr Goes Nuclear on Innocent Photos

The Telegraph – Flickr accidentally deletes user’s 4,000 photos

The Register – Photo loss blogger to Flickr: You’re f*cking kidding

CNN Money – Flickr accidentally nukes user’s 4,000 photos

20 Minuten Online – «425 Tage Arbeitszeit»–21560384

Business Insider – Flickr Accidentally And PERMANENTLY Deletes Five Years Worth Of A User’s Photos

TechBlog – 4,000 Flickr photos deleted: A cautionary tale

Blog Critics – Yahoo Ready to Abandon Ship as Flickr Loses a User’s 4,000 Photos

TechRadar UK – Flickr accidentally deletes user’s 4,000 photos

PetaPixel – Flickr Accidentally Deletes the Wrong Account, Vaporizing 4,000 Photos

Photography Bay – Flickr Accidentally Deletes Photographer’s Account and Almost 4000 Photos

Pixelated Photographer – Flickr deletes user account nuking over 4000 pictures – Accidents happen

Techie Buzz – Flickr Deletes Photoblogger Mirco Wilhelm’s Photos and Can’t Get Them Back – Flickr can’t retrieve user’s 4,000 photos it deleted accidentally

KwikSocial – Sorry We Deleted Your Pictures Permanently Say Flickr

DailySocial – Flickr Secara Tidak Sengaja Hapus Akun Pengguna Mereka

Pulse2 – Flickr Accidentally Deletes Mirco Wilhelm’s Account Which Had 4,000 Photos Stored

Switched – Flickr Accidentally Deletes 4,000 Photos, Offers Polite Apology to Photographer

Social Barrel – Woops!! I think I deleted your 4,000 photos…Sorry!!

Ubergizmo – Flickr deletes 4,000 plus photos accidentally

Backupify Blog – How one admin mistake cost a Flickr user 4000 photos

This will not be a complete list, but I went through the first 12 Google result pages and added all original posts I found.

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